Dr. Dmitrii Zholud, PhD

Dmitrii Zholud


I am a data scientist, mathematician, software engineer, and entrepreneur. I hold a PhD in mathematical statistics and have a proven track record of success in academia. My main occupation is development of professional software that uses advanced mathematical models to solve real world problems.

I love data analysis and programming, and am enthusiastic about everything that has to do with big data, optimization, mathematical modelling, computer science, and IT. I own a small data center and have strong skills in databases, servers and hardware, network administration, and information security. I am also interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

I am open for new opportunities and business collaborations.


PhD, Mathematical Statistics
University of Gothenburg | 2006-2011

My research was in Extreme Value Theory and its applications. I developed methods to handle false positives in high-throughput screening experiments (huge scale biological experiments). My supervisor was Prof. Holger Rootzén. PhD studies included one year of teaching.

MSc, Mathematics
Lomonosov Moscow State University | 2000-2006

Moscow State University is the highest-ranking Russian educational institution and is widely considered the most prestigious university in the former Soviet Union. I studied at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, department of Probability Theory. My supervisor was Prof. V.I. Piterbarg. Graduated with distinction, GPA 4.9/5.


Chalmers University of Technology

I worked at Chalmers as a postdoctoral researcher (PostDoc) from 2011 to 2013. I did research in traffic safety and gave a course on Computer Intensive Statistical Methods. I also assisted in teaching a course in Design of Experiments.

I do research at Chalmers occasionally even after I left academia, and publish articles with my former PhD supervisor Prof. Holger Rootzén.

Bixia AB

Bixia is one of the largest power trading companies in Sweden. I joined Bixia in 2013 as a quantitative analyst and power trader. I was focusing on improving the accuracy of electricity production and consumption forecasts, automatization of data processing, and development of customized tools for my colleagues who do trading. I spent some time helping with IT and doing trading myself. I now develop products and do work for Bixia on behalf of my own company.


Since 2015 I run a small company that develops quantitative solutions for power trading companies. We make software that uses advanced mathematical models to produce forecasts that are essential for electricity trading. We provide technical solutions for handling big data (processing trillions of values in near real time), do research, and offer statistical consulting. We use data driven artificial intelligence and CUDA programming to leverage the availability of computer processing power.

We work with data-driven companies in all sectors, and I am open for new, challenging projects.